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Welcome To My Home Page

Hi. If you are at this site you probubly know me. I am Joel Rosenthal. I am in eighth grade at Wilmette Junior High School in Wilmette Illinois which is a suburb of Chicago . I sit on my computer all day if you are looking for my interests. I also Skateboard a lot in the 3 hours I am not on my computer, sleeping, eating, or at shcool. If you want to know anyting else IM me at or Emails work to thankes for coming to my site and look around.


I just got this site today (10/27/03) so everting is new. I just made it. here is the update calender which I will be updating every time I make a change.

10/27/03: get site start making finish homepage

updating and finish8ing

That is what I have so far
Bar Mitzvah
This was at my bar mitzvah on march 13 2004. What a good day it was

what you should do
Hi!! I just got this site and could use some advice. What do you think. If you want to tell me something or tell me something about the website email me. Thankes
Send an email or click here

look around the site
Thanes everyone for comming to my site. You can look around. Come back soon It is always changing. See ya

Elliot and me
Another bar mitzvah pic.
Joel's email

just playing around